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EDINAF – European Digital Naval Foundation

EDINAF is an EDF2021 European project funded by the European Commission.

The consortium proposes to launch the digital revolution for Naval Industry by developing fundamentals enabling this transformation through:

The development of a reference ship digital architecture offering a coherent set of resources, services and data solutions supporting the warship’s core operations;

A digital platform specification as the standardized IT infrastructure derived from the reference architecture, considering common base services to be offered to user applications on new generation warship´s development;

A new digital engineering adapting processes, methodologies and tools requested by an ever evolving and highly complex interdependent System of Systems during the 3 years project.

With the advice of 7 European Ministries of Defence, EDINAF will work on 4 Blocks identified as being essential on the path to this digital transformation:


Identification of digital capabilities due to be provided by the core IT infrastructure for the Digital Warship;


Definition of the Digital warship core reference architecture, IT infrastructure and Demonstrator;


Identification of Digital Engineering Models for EDINAF, using Model-Based Systems Engineering;


Building a transversal developer platform for use cases integration and demonstration.

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